Say ‘yes to digital payment, no to cash’: PM Modi

Say ‘yes to digital payment, no to cash’: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: In a fresh push towards digital payments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday told businesses to shun cash and go digital to bring transparency and root out black money.

Addressing the nation from the Red Fort in Delhi on the 73rd Independence Day, PM Modi said, “Shops should put up signs of ‘Digital Payment ko haan, nakad ko na’ (Yes to digital payment, no to cash).”

PM Narendra Modi said his govt will invest a massive Rs 100 lakh cr on developing infrastructure that will aid in nearly doubling the size of the economy to $5 trillion in the next 5 years. “But when we have in five years (of BJP rule) added $1 trillion as compared to $2 trillion size achieved in 70 years of Independence, then this target is achievable,” he said.

The Prime Minister called for increasing the use of digital payments all over the country.

PM Modi has always been a strong proponent of digital payments and has time and again endorsed digital and cashless economy.


Source:- indiatimes


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