New Traffic Rules In India 2021, Complete Fines List

New Traffic Rules In India 2021, Complete Fines List

Are you invested in being a cautious and responsible citizen? It is your responsibility and duty as a bike owner/rider to be aware of all the different traffic laws which apply to you and which you must follow. You should also know about the associated penalties and fines.

What Is The Motor Vehicle Act?

Here are some things which are important to know about the Motor Vehicles Act:

  • It is an act which was introduced in India in 1988-89.
  • It was used by the government to frame some rules and regulations as well as guidelines for using different vehicles in India.
  • It includes details for the Registration of Motor vehicles, Permits Control, Traffic Regulations, and Insurance Penalties.
  • The act states that all drivers of motor vehicles in India should possess a valid driving license at all times.
  • Vehicles must also be registered under this act and have a proper Registration Certificate.

New Traffic Rules In India 2021

Violation Previous Invoice or Penalty New Invoice or Penalty
General (177) Rs 100 Rs 500
Violation of Red Regulation Rules (177A) Rs 100 Rs 500
Disregard of authority order (179) Rs 500 Rs 2000
Driving unauthorized car unlicensed (180) Rs 1000 Rs 5000
Driving despite disqualification (182) Rs 500 Rs 10000
Driving without license (181) Rs 500 Rs 5000
Over speeding (183) Rs 400 Rs 1000
Driving dangerously (184) Rs 1000 Rs 5000
Drinking and driving (185) Rs 2000 Rs 10000
Racing and driving at high speed (189) Rs 500 Rs 5000
Overloading (194) Rs. 2,000 and Rs.10,000 per ton extra Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 2,000 per ton
Seat Belt (194B) Rs 100 Rs. 1000
Driving without permit (192A) Up to Rs. 5,000 Up to Rs. 10,000
Violation of license condition (193) Nil Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
Passenger Overloading (194A) Nil Rs. 1000 per passenger
Overloading on a two-wheeler Rs 100 Rs.2,000 and License for three months
Not wearing a helmet Rs 100 Rs. 1000 and License for three months
On not giving way to emergency vehicle (194E) Nil Rs.10000
On driving without insurance (196) Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000
Power of authorities to impose documents (206) Nil Driving license will be revoked under 183,184,185,189,190,194c, 194D 194E
Crimes committed by enforcement of authority (210B) Nil Fine twice under related section


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