‘i-Verify’ portal for police verification and clearance certificate process launched

‘i-Verify’ portal for police verification and clearance certificate process launched

Director General of Police M Mahender Reddy on Tuesday launched ‘i-Verify’, an online portal for police verification certificate and police clearance certificate process.

Central and State government offices, public sector undertakings, defence establishments which are appointing private employees, or private persons appointed by the former agencies with their referral letter can apply for the verification certificate, while candidates going abroad for studies, employment, business and immigration can apply for police clearance certificate online by visiting www.tspolice.gov.in

“Click the link for police verification and clearance and follow the instructions given in the user manual and documents submission section before proceeding with payment fee,” Mr. Reddy said. The status of verification process and issue of certificate can be checked by the agencies or individual, he said.

“The tool automates the process of transmission of applications online between Special Branch and Intelligence unit (both verifying agencies), avoiding manual process, and physical movement of person, applications or files. It would further improve coordination between the two verifying units, and reduce the processing time,” the DGP said.

The portal also automates crime and criminal records search across all the States through photo and data match for a foolproof character antecedent verification eliminating human errors. “Two-tier, wide and deep criminal record verification had been initiated,” the top police brass said.

According to him, the tool also provides online status updates of the applications for the convenience of applicants and real-time monitoring of files enables higher transparency and monitoring.



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