Good News! High-Security Registrations plates to come pre-fitted with vehicles from April 2019!

Good News! High-Security Registrations plates to come pre-fitted with vehicles from April 2019!

The Ministry of Road Transport has issued a notification that brings a big change to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, that will make it mandatory for all vehicle manufacturers to roll out vehicles with High-security Registration Plates (HSRP) starting April 2019. Thus eliminating the buyer from the task of having to wait in line at the DMV for high-security plates. Infact this move should not come as a surprise since the MoRTH has been contemplating this amendment for some time now, alongside, fuel category stickers for cars.

High-Security plates were first brought to the table by the government in 2005 and were only made mandatory for all vehicles in 2012. However, thus far the government hasn’t really followed up on the enforcement of this mandate, and implementation of the license plates has moderate. This was largely due to the fact that the responsibility of getting the plates installed fell to the customer, who then had to source the plates from an authorised vendor. However now, its likely to be much more widely used as manufacturers will now have the onus to put them on during the manufacturing process. The notification further pushes state governments to grant permissions to ask dealers to provide HSRPs for older vehicles as well.


The draft also outlines the specifications of the HSRPs, to ensure that they are tamper-proof. The security will include a chrome based hot-stamp hologram along with an image of the Ashoka Chakra; retro-reflective film, bearing a verification inscription ‘India’ at a 45-degree inclination; and the permanent identification number of minimum 7 digits which will be laser branded into the reflective sheeting on the bottom-hand side of the registration plate. The plates will also get tamper-proof non-removable/non-reusable snap locks, which will break on any attempt to remove the plates. The move is likely to impede the vehicle theft and fraud that is currently on in the country.

Source:- financialexpress


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