ACT Fibernet Offers Extra 500GB Data for Netflix Subscription

ACT Fibernet Offers Extra 500GB Data for Netflix Subscription

ACT Fibernet is offering some attractive broadband plans to the customers in the cities where it has operations. The company has joined hands with popular streaming service Netflix to provide a free subscription to the subscribers, earlier this year. As per this partnership, ACT Fibernet is already offering free Netflix membership on six-month or 12-month validity plans to the customers. To give additional luxury to the subscribers, ACT Fibernet is providing up to 500GB extra data with these Netflix plans.

Details of ACT Fibernet Netflix Entertainment Plan


ACT Fibernet is giving Netflix Entertainment plans in some cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai among others.

In Hyderabad, ACT is offering four Netflix Entertainment broadband plans- A-Max 1050 Entertainment, A-Max 1299 Entertainment, ACT Incredible Entertainment and ACT Giga Entertainment. The four plans are offered at a cost of Rs 1,050, Rs 1,299, Rs 1,999 and Rs 5,999, and offers a monthly data benefit of 850GB, 1100GB, 1600GB and 2500GB.

The non-Netflix A-Max 1050 plan comes with 750GB of monthly data, A-Max 1299 ships 1000GB, Incredible 1999 plan offers 1500GB, and lastly, the ACT Giga plan provides 2TB of data benefit. To be noted, the ACT Giga standard plan offers the only 2TB of data benefit while the ACT Giga Entertainment ships with 500GB more data at 2.5TB.

So it’s not only the cashback you get on the Netflix subscription as ACT Fibernet is providing up to 500GB of additional data benefit which is superb. The same applies to the Netflix Entertainment plans offered in other cities like Bengaluru and Chennai.

ACT Fibernet-Netflix Partnership Details

This year in February, ACT Fibernet has signed a deal with popular streaming service Netflix to offer a certain amount on cashback on Netflix subscription to the customers. Customers choosing the Netflix Entertainment plans will be eligible to get a cashback of up to Rs 500 every month.

But do remember, the Netflix Entertainment plans of ACT Fibernet are available only for six and 12 months, so you need to pay in advance for your broadband connection.

The ACT Giga Entertainment plan offers every month a cashback of Rs 500 on Netflix subscription, but you need to choose the plan for 12 months upfront to be eligible for the cashback.

After users subscribe to their choice of any Netflix Entertainment plan, they need to link their Netflix account to ACT Fibernet bill and subscribe to any of the Netflix plans that is available presently. If the subscriber pays for Netflix through ACT Fibernet every month, the cashback amount will be added to user’s ACT account which can be used to activate Flexybytes+ data add-ons or clear broadband bills in the future.




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