5 Zoom security features you should know about

5 Zoom security features you should know about

Zoom has been in the middle of a security scandal lately. From private companies to governmental agencies, organisations across the globe have been restricting their employees from using the app citing safety concerns.

Zoom, on the other hand, has been forthcoming about the challenges. It has even admitted that the sudden surge in its user base from 10 million in December 2019 to 200 million March 2020 has put immense pressure on its system leaving many without the needed security cover. It has responded to these issues by frequently adding new features and fixing old flaws.


The company, as promised by the CEO Eric S Yuan, earlier this month, has been conducting frequent webinars and releasing new feature updates to address users’ security concerns.

— Use passwords for your meetings: One of easiest ways of preventing Zoombombing attack is by using a password for your meetings. This would prevent malicious actors from hijacking your meetings and the corresponding data.

— Waiting Rooms: This feature allows the admin to control the participants joining a meeting. A host has the ability to either accept all participants individually or grant them access one by one.

— Disable join before host option: This feature essential allows the host to take control of a meeting by keeping unwanted guests away.

— Locking a meeting: This feature prevents new participants from joining in a meeting even if they have the meeting ID and the password. In the meeting, click Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window > in the Participants pop-up, click the button that says Lock Meeting and you are good to go.

— Disable removed participants from rejoining: This feature allows the host to prevent a participant from rejoining after he/she has been removed from a meeting. The host can easily toggle this option if they realise that they have removed the wrong person.


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